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Thank you for stopping by, I hope that we can work together when you are ready. I practice kinesiology from my clinic in Marshfield, Wiltshire, covering the wider areas of Bath, Bristol and South Gloucs. I am a cover tutor for Essence Health school in Bristol, teaching Kinesiology. I also teach 1-1 Mindfulness over Skype, which I find rewarding and fulfilling, helping people to navigate their way in this busy world.

I take great care in working through emotional issues, nutritional health, and physical pain. In my clinic, it is very common to see adrenal stress, hormonal issues, digestives issues, and nutritional deficiencies, and very often we get to the core of the problem by using the tools of Kinesiology. By taking the whole person approach it is always a great joy to see my clients come back to living fully and in the present moment. I believe that when you start to feel good on the inside life begins to thrive on the outside.

I look forward to helping you with your health and Wellness aspirations.

Pauline x

Kinesiology for health.

Wellness Within Kinesiology is the ultimate treatment for addressing current health problems, old and new emotional issues, nutritional deficiencies and physical issues. By starting from the inside out to become the best version of wellness for you!

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